Specialty Transportation Services

Hauling over dimensional process control building.

We provide specialized transport throughout Western Canada, from small local moves to coordinated Over-Dimensional loads across the province. Our team is client satisfaction driven and safety focused.

Let us be the turn-key solution for moving your equipment and take your worry away. No matter the size or weight, we will plan the route, acquire permits, and get your product where it needs to go safely.

We won't just give you a crane, we will supply you with right people on your site.

Some Of The Industries You Will Find Us In

Loading of overweight load onto a McIntyre Crane Heavy Haul Winch Tractor.

Heavy Haul

For the heavy loads that standard carriers don't have the experience for, we have the expertise. Tandem and Tri-axle tractors allow us to haul everything big and small no matter the weight.

Transporting oversized, over dimensional load.

Oversized Loads

Transporting oversized buildings and equipment can be a massive headache. Whether you move them frequently, or once a year, we will take care of permit requirements and all the logistics to ensure your product makes it to the end destination safely and legally.

McIntyre specialty transport hauling components of a communication tower away from site.

Material Delivery

Running a construction site can be a logistical nightmare. We take that away by picking up, transporting and placing the material on your site. We can bundle our services to ensure your project goes as smooth as possible.

We haul all sizes of freight. Shop moves, Industrial Moving, etc.

General Freight

Moving shops, bought new equipment and need to get it to your shop and to work as quickly as possible? We are here to help.


Picker Truck

A quick lift. Perfect for HVAC units, and smaller equipment. We can lift haul and transport, bringing your equipment where it's needed and placing it.

50ton Manitex Cranes

We have some of the heaviest lifting and longest reaching cranes in their class with industry-leading capacities.

100ton Grove All Terrain

One of the most versatile cranes, its 4 axle steering makes the unit nice, short and able to squeeze into the tightest places. Good heavy lifting crane up close, or able to reach the highest points or farthest spots on your project!

Winch Tractor

Sometimes things aren't in the most accessible spots. Push, pull, drag, or lift, McIntyre will get your project completed with the safest solution.

Tri-Drive Tractor

Heavy O&G unit? Oversized modular building? We can load it, transport and deliver it. All coordinated in-house, by us, to give your employee's more time for the day to day.


If some items need be moved around, or your yard needs to be cleaned up, a skid-steer can come in handy.

You can also ask about rental options.

Custom Rigging

Moving heavy units up and down stairs, through, or across challenging areas causes a big headache and high risk of injury to your employees. Let us bring our equipment to your site and save your employees health and time.

Hanging Man Baskets

Getting people into those hard to reach places requires the right equipment. We safely lift people to new heights to complete their projects.

Spreader Bars

Lifting large units requires knowledge & the right equipment. Our spreader bars are constantly inspected for safety & reliability.

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