Industries We Serve

Rail Services

The railway industry in Canada has a large and well-developed railway system consisting of over 50,000 kilometers of railway track. The railway industry specializes in moving heavy, bulk commodities and containerized traffic over long distances. Other applications include passenger trains and inner-city commuter trains.

200 ton AT Hoisting Train Track
McIntyre has been able to assist many subcontractors in the railway industry. Whether that involves assembly of new railway track, moving railway track around a switchyard or an emergency derailment after-hours. We plan on becoming part of your team and not just a company providing a service.
With McIntyre Crane & Rigging’s diverse fleet of cranes and readily available tractor – trailer combinations, paired with our job planning and 3-D lift plans, we are ready to assist with any task involving the railway industry. Our trained McIntyre crew are trained and able to keep the wheels rolling.

Heavy Civil

Heavy civil construction consists of engineered projects including roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, sewers and other large infrastructure typically for the government or a municipality. We see and interact with heavy civil projects in our day to day activities whether it’s driving on a paved road or using utilities in your home. 

image of crane lifting

Cranes and transport are vital for heavy civil construction projects. Tractor – trailers are responsible for getting materials and equipment to site. Mobile cranes are responsible for offloading and placing those materials and products where they belong. We have the right equipment to transport and hoist precast concrete, deliver and place rebar, place and remove concrete forms and much more. 

McIntyre Crane & Rigging has been supporting the heavy civil construction industry in Western Canada by providing best in class equipment and highly skilled operators. We provide cranes for short and long term projects, starting from the ground up. We are looking forward to assisting you with your heavy civil construction needs. Dealing with multiple contractors for the same service can be a hassle, let McIntyre help with our turnkey solution to crane and transport. 

Oil and Gas Coil Tubing

Oil and gas extraction is an important contributor to the Canadian economy, especially in Western Canada where Alberta’s oil sands contain the third largest proven crude oil reserve in the world. 

large crane lift

Working in Western Canada, McIntyre has completed many oil and gas projects. From transporting supplies to the field, to supplying cranes to assist with drilling and coil tubing. Upstream to downstream. Our crew are looking to help with any of your crane and transportation needs.


McIntyre Crane & Rigging specializes in developing and optimizing crane and rigging solutions, we extend that into oil and gas and coil tubing. If you need a trusted name to assist your coil crew in reaching those long horizontal wellbores, we are the partner for you. We work to increase both safety and efficiency.


Not everyone can step onto a well site and become integrated members of your crew, but McIntyre Crane & Rigging will assist you every step of the way.


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is the use of different methods to heat, cool, purify, replace, circulate, and control the humidity of the air in an enclosed space. Its goal is to provide comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. 

Hvac lift

McIntyre Crane & Rigging thrives on challenges, and we know there are many challenges when you need to replace a HVAC unit. We have come up with many solutions to the issues faced by our customers over the thousands of HVAC units repaired or replaced. Together there is nothing we cannot achieve. Our diverse fleet of cranes and tractor – trailers provide us with the right equipment for each job from picking up the unit at the supplier, to placing the unit on the roof. Our crew are capable, cooperative and experienced in HVAC change-outs.

HVAC Rollers

McIntyre can provide a jack and roll service for HVAC units in those seemingly impossible locations. Our cost-effective method of moving these units hundreds of feet across the rooftop have helped many customers successfully complete their projects within their budget. Now you can confidently bid on those jobs with the upper hand on your competition.


With a diverse fleet of cranes, McIntyre can provide the right crane for the job. From deck trucks able to hoist and transport a unit, to large mobile cranes able to reach the distance.


Arrange one of our trucks to pick up your HVAC unit to store in our yard or have it delivered right to site. Providing transport with our crane service can save you time and money. Our turnkey solution crane and transport helps our customers combine multiple services with one phone call.


We pick up, we store and we deliver. With shipping and receiving dates unknown, once your unit is in, let us know and we can arrange to pick up and store it in our secure yard until you are ready to do a changeout. 

Old units

We dispose of the old units in an environmentally conscious manner according to government regulations to save you the hassle of disregarding the old unit.

Roofing & Building Supplies

With our growing civilization there has never been more need for roofing and building supplies. Every new project requires building supplies from lumber to build the walls, to roofing material to keep you dry.

University district cran lift

Besides good workers, any new project would be difficult to complete without building materials. Essentially everything needed to build and maintain any new project needs to be transported to that site. As leaders in the crane and transport industry, let us help you get your project supplied as safely and efficiently as possible.


McIntyre Crane & Rigging can provide a turnkey solution for building contractors, suppliers, and roofing companies by picking up and delivering materials with our fleet of tractor-trailers, boom trucks and cranes. We save you time by providing a full service to get your materials to your site. 

With years of experience delivering to job sites around Alberta, our operators are safe and efficient at loading and delivering materials. They are trained with specialized lifting equipment including buckets and fork attachments making it easier to get your materials where they need to go. We have experience with new construction and existing buildings, providing lane closures and permits if needed.
Procedures we use making material deliver more efficient are:

Fork Attachment

A fork attachment is simply a set of forks that hang from the hook on a crane. By utilizing these attachments correctly and to their full potential you save time on the crane being on site. There is no need for the ground crew to fight with pallets on a tight loaded truck, when the forks can be inserted from the outside. 

Dumping Bucket

 A dumping bucket can help your crew to load or offload loose materials or garbage in a safe and efficient manner. Gone are the days of rigging up many small loads of material and equipment when you can load a bucket to turn many lifts into a few lifts, saving the crane time on site.


Every McIntyre crane and truck is dispatched with a set of radios to make each job more efficient. From getting the machine in position to lifting material in the blind, having constant private radio communication key to a successful job.

Riggers & Signalman

Having properly trained riggers and signal persons on site can not only save time, but can make the job much more safe and efficient. Ask us about our trained personnel and how we can help you get the most out of your time.

Steel Erection

Almost every construction project starts with steel erection. Most projects will have the steel transported to site and staged in a laydown. Then cranes, riggers and iron workers will start assembling the building, one lift at a time. Read more to see how cranes are involved with steel erection.

structure erection

McIntyre Crane & Rigging thrives on challenges, and we know there are many challenges when you need to replace a HVAC unit. We have come up with many solutions to the issues faced by our customers over the thousands of HVAC units repaired or replaced. Together there is nothing we cannot achieve. Our diverse fleet of cranes and tractor – trailers provide us with the right equipment for each job from picking up the unit at the supplier, to placing the unit on the roof. Our crew are capable, cooperative and experienced in HVAC change-outs.

Powerline Contracting

Overhead power lines are used in electric power transmission and distribution to transmit electrical energy across large distances. It consists of one or more electrical cables suspended by towers or poles. Read more to see how McIntyre crane assists powerline contractors

power tower

McIntyre Crane & Rigging specializes in the powerline industry. Our experience in this industry has allowed us to become a trusted name in transmission and distribution construction and maintenance. We take great pride in our equipment and the services we offer. We become part of your team from the assembly to the stringing and tying in. As our customer you don’t just get a crane rental, you get a team of professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We understand the importance of timeliness, safety, environmental policies and restrictions and governing trade regulations.

Hot Work

Planning is integral when working around live lines. With our experience we have the necessary means to help you plan your job, solve your challenges and accomplish your tasks.

High Reach

Our 50 ton cranes are equipped with 155 feet of live boom and 39’ swing away jib onboard totalling over 200’ tip height in minimal set up time. These cranes are built for finesse operations to ensure the safety and confidence of our customers on the other end. We provide a private closed frequency radio system for continuous communication between the lineman and operator.


McIntyre takes pride in being prepared for all conditions. From tire chains and tow rings to tools and spare parts, our powerline specialty units come with lighting for night work, pre-heaters, inverters and onboard air for repairs and maintenance.

Employee Training

Each employee that is dispatched to a job is thoroughly trained and tested on all aspects of the job and equipment by management. We guarantee that each unit that arrives on your job site is accompanied by a professional and component personnel.


Telecommunication is the transmission of data through various means, including wire, radio, optical and more. Having the ability to transfer data gives us the convenience of staying in contact with family and friends.

cell tower

McIntyre Crane & Rigging has successfully assembled, disassembled and transported many communication towers. We can also provide a man basket for getting your crew to the top for inspection and maintenance.

With more towers being erected as we transition to 5G technology, there’s no better time to create a relationship with a crane and transport company. 

A large part of communication infrastructure is planning the job beforehand, with a diverse crane fleet with cranes equipped with tip heights over 300 feet we have the right crane for any job big or small. Our experience will benefit you from start to finish, taking the guesswork out of all your crane and transportation needs.