Industrial Moving Services

Skating generator into Oil & Gas shack.

Moving an entire facility or purchased some equipment at an auction? We provide full rigging, packaging & transportation services. Planning is key and it’s where we shine.

The equipment you use in your business is the key to your business. You need someone to plan and execute your move in a way that minimizes downtime and maximizes up time. Gets your equipment where it needs to go and your people back to work.

Moving Services

Electric Stair Climber

Specialty & Custom Rigging

Need a hand getting large pieces up and down the stairs, over pipes, across a roof or through a difficult area? We take the weight off with a powered stair climber along with various custom solutions. Heavy units like boilers no longer become a risk to your employee's backs. We will get it done quicker and safer while eliminating liability.

McIntyre Skid-Steer Loader


Push, pull, drag or clean-up our Skid-Steer is a great compliment to the crew. It may not be the biggest member of the crew but it definitely makes the small stuff easier.

Industrial Forklift moving CNC machine.


Even we understand that sometimes a crane isn't the right equipment for some jobs. We can assess your needs, bring in and operate the right sized forklift for your job, getting it done quickly and efficiently.

McIntyre's Jack & Roll Crew.

Jack & Roll

Sometimes cranes and forklifts can't be used due to space, weight or ground conditions. This is where Jack & Roll becomes a huge asset. Our crews can load, unload or place items in the most difficult places.

Industrial Shrink Wrapping

Industrial Shrinkwrapping

Keeping your equipment clean and dry during storage or transport is essential in maintaining it until you need it again. From CNC machines to recreational boats, we can professionally shrinkwrap your equipment with the care and attention to detail that McIntyre is known for.

General Transportation


Once your equipment is packed and loaded, we will connect the dots all the way to its destination with transport. Within Canada or down to the USA we will ensure your equipment makes it safe and on time.

100-ton Grove All Terrain Crane


Our full fleet of mobile cranes can get even the largest pieces of equipment or buildings on a truck and to its destination safely and efficiently. We have been doing this for years and pride ourselves on having the right people and equipment on our team to get the job done right and find solutions to all the problems that may present themselves.


Picker Truck

A quick lift. Perfect for HVAC units, and smaller equipment. We can lift haul and transport, bringing your equipment where it's needed and placing it.

50ton Manitex Cranes

We have some of the heaviest lifting and longest reaching cranes in their class with industry-leading capacities.

100ton Grove All Terrain

One of the most versatile cranes, its 4 axle steering makes the unit nice, short and able to squeeze into the tightest places. Good heavy lifting crane up close, or able to reach the highest points or farthest spots on your project!

Winch Tractor

Sometimes things aren't in the most accessible spots. Push, pull, drag, or lift, McIntyre will get your project completed with the safest solution.

Tri-Drive Tractor

Heavy O&G unit? Oversized modular building? We can load it, transport and deliver it. All coordinated in-house, by us, to give your employee's more time for the day to day.


If some items need be moved around, or your yard needs to be cleaned up, a skid-steer can come in handy.

You can also ask about rental options.

Custom Rigging

Moving heavy units up and down stairs, through, or across challenging areas causes a big headache and high risk of injury to your employees. Let us bring our equipment to your site and save your employees health and time.

Hanging Man Baskets

Getting people into those hard to reach places requires the right equipment. We safely lift people to new heights to complete their projects.

Spreader Bars

Lifting large units requires knowledge & the right equipment. Our spreader bars are constantly inspected for safety & reliability.

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