Crane and Rigging

Boom Truck

Boom trucks are perfect for many jobs, especially a job where material has to be loaded onto the deck and transported to another location. Boom trucks are constructed by a crane attachment being mounted to a commercial truck chassis. Making the boom truck efficient on the road and providing maneuverability on job sites. Generally Boom trucks range from 18 ton to 50 ton lifting capacity, although are available in other configurations depending on the application.

Boom trucks are ideal for roofing & building supplies and HVAC units where space is limited but it doesn’t stop there, they are fast to set up and don’t need any support trucks so they become contractors’ choice to stay on schedule and budget.


At McIntyre we have different boom trucks to suit your hoisting needs. Are you looking for a deck truck to load and transport materials or do you need a 50 ton swing cab with 155 live boom, and a swingable jib able to reach up over 200 feet? Call our dispatch line, we would be happy to help with your boom truck needs!

Truck Mount

Truck mounted cranes generally have more capacity then boom trucks, making them a popular choice for job sites needing heavy lifts at longer radius. Truck mounted cranes are constructed similar to boom trucks as the crane attachment ( also known as the “ upper “ ) is mounted onto the carrier ( also known as the “ lower “ ) which is specifically designed to host the crane attachment by mounting together at the turn table. Generally truck mounted cranes range from 40 ton to 110 ton lifting capacity.

Truck mounted cranes are ideal for heavier lifts in Heavy Civil, Rail and Oil & Gas while still not needing extra resources like support trucks. We encourage you to contact our dispatch and planning team to see what type and size of crane you need for the job.

All Terrain

All Terrains are a combination of a Truck Mount Crane and a Rough Terrain Crane. They are capable of travelling at highway speeds and are equipped with an adjustable suspension with all wheel steering to maneuver around job sites. All terrain cranes can have up to 9 axles and can hoist up to 1,200 tons depending on the make and model.

Larger All Terrain Cranes need support trucks to help transport their counterweight to the job site. While All Terrain Cranes generally take longer than Truck Mounted Cranes and Boom Trucks to set up, they are still faster to assemble than a Crawler Crane of similar capacity.