Hoisting HVAC Units and AHU’s Calgary, Alberta


Hoisting HVAC’s and AHU’s Calgary, Alberta If you happened to pass Calgary’s airport lately, you might have observed our cranes in action, hoisting AHUs (Air-handling Units) or HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units. Our cranes were working on the Green Dome Islamic School project, a valuable addition to Calgary’s expanding northeast community. Due to the […]

200 ton Nightshift HVAC lift

mcintyre crane hoisting hvac calgary

200 ton Nightshift HVAC Lift We were recently hired for a big hoisting project that involved lifting over 40+ HVAC units to the top of a superstore in Airdrie. This project required a tremendous amount of pre-planning and coordination to ensure everything ran smoothly. We started by carefully assessing the site and the requirements of […]

Block 23, University District, Calgary, Alberta

University district cran lift

Building Alberta one lift at a time The three-acre central park located in the University District NW, Calgary, Alberta will be a four-season gathering place for social events and activities. University District’s Central Park will feature a winter skating rink with a cooling system, a staging area for concerts, picnic area with tables, a water […]

200 ton Crane removes cell tower. Calgary, Alberta

cell tower crane

One of the hazards of doing Crane work in Calgary or anyplace in southern Alberta is dealing with storms. While using our 200 ton crane to remove an old cell tower a huge storm started to roll in.  Following safety protocol we ended up having to lower the crane boom for the duration of the […]

8 Point Tandem Crane Lift. Calgary, Alberta

8 point crane lift

A good example of a multipoint crane lift: This job in Calgary, Alberta (Rockeyview county) involved using a crane to lift a large cooler onto the roof of the warehouse.  An 8 point 6 spreader bar system was used due to the length of the cooler. We used our 100 ton Grove all terrain crane and […]

“Flat Sticking” with a 90 Ton Grove Crane. Calgary, Alberta

90 ton crane extended

Flat-Sticking is crane term where you need to place an item in a location with a crane but have limited vertical space, so your crane boom angle needs to stay low. Here we are using our  90 Ton Grove crane to place a flat deck in a new apartment build in downtown Calgary, Alberta.  The […]