About McIntyre Crane

At McIntyre we use best practice methods to safely and efficiently hoist and transport loads from point A to B. Whether it’s across Western Canada, hoisted up to the roof, jack & rolled across the floor or stepped up a staircase.

Our goal is to become your turn key solution for Crane & Rigging, Specialty Transport and Industrial Moving.

Dallas McIntyre

As the founder of McIntyre, I started operating cranes, rigging and solving client’s challenges in 1998.

I love what I do as this is one of the few careers I know that is always changing. There is rarely a day that goes by where you don’t meet someone new or are faced with a new challenge. Crane operating gives you the opportunity to learn a little bit about lots of different trades and industries and learn something about a trade you would never otherwise be exposed to. I believe my enthusiasm, commitment to safety, staff and clientele shows as it has led to many friendships, business relationships and a long history of repeat business.

My Vision is to earn my client’s trust and loyalty by learning their unique requirements then alleviating their stresses by preparing the right solutions with first class service by our top-notch staff and equipment.

As a co-founder of a previous crane company for 5.5 years, and sole founder of McIntyre, I have invested in my career building a network of fantastic people and vendors and developing the companies in all departments.

I have been a rigger, crane operator, dispatcher, operations manager, salesman and the catalyst for the safety programs as well as trained others for these positions.

Since 2010 I have been working on the business development of McIntyre. My focus has been on the efficiency of delivering our service to the client as well as bringing our equipment maintenance, health, safety and environmental policies and practices to a leading status.

My goal for McIntyre is to continue to build a client list of leaders in their industry and lead our staff to operate at their full potential. To accomplish this goal, I am committed to operate with a clear set of values to build a great culture.