200 ton Nightshift HVAC Lift

mcintyre crane hoisting hvac calgary

We were recently hired for a big hoisting project that involved lifting over 40+ HVAC units to the top of a superstore in Airdrie. This project required a tremendous amount of pre-planning and coordination to ensure everything ran smoothly.


We started by carefully assessing the site and the requirements of the project to determine the right equipment for the job. This included bringing our 200-ton DEMAG AC160-2 crane and our 30-ton MAINTEX 30102C crane, as well as our 50-ton Manitex 50155SHL crane. We also brought along a team of experienced crew members who were trained on our equipment and had the necessary skills to execute the lift safely and efficiently.

The lift was scheduled for nighttime to avoid disruptions to the busy traffic in the area. Our crew arrived on-site early to set up the equipment and prepare for the lift. We carefully coordinated with the client and other contractors involved in the project to ensure that everyone was aware of the lift schedule and any potential hazards.

Once everything was in place, we began hoisting the HVAC units to the top of the superstore. Our 200-ton crane was used to lift the heaviest units, while our 50-ton crane was used to reach the units closer to the side of the building. Our crew worked together to spot and direct the crane operators, rig the new units, and direct the old units onto a trailer for removal.

Throughout the lift, safety was our top priority. We followed all safety protocols and conducted a post-lift inspection to ensure that the site was left clean and free of any hazards. Our regular maintenance and inspections of our cranes also helped ensure that everything was in top condition and ready to perform any task.