3D Lift Planning

3d lift plans for crane and rigging job in Calgary

There’s no doubt crane service technology has improved our day-to-day lives but it has also improved the way we work. With a properly trained person and the right software, it is possible to create a lift plan for any crane and rigging job and virtually make the lift weeks or even months in advance. We understand that having a crane on site can add up to be a big expense, that’s why a proper lift plan is a great option to save you time and money the day of your lift.


By utilizing this lift planning technology we are able to decide what size of crane and which boom configuration is required before we arrive on site. There is a lot of important information that goes into deciding what type of crane to use for each scenario, this includes but is not limited to

  • Location of set up
  • The weight of the load,
  • the centre of gravity of the load,
  • the dimensions of the load,
  • the radius we have to place the load,
  • height restrictions and obstructions in the way
  • provide safety precautions related to wind, communications or other site specific hazards


The rigging is also a critical component of the lift plan and can include:

  • what size shackles are needed,
  • what capacity slings to use,
  • Where are the approved lifting locations on the load,
  • if you need any special lifting devices to properly lift the load,

All these things are important for a successful lift and are best planned in advance.

When a lift plan is completed it can be shared in a virtual representation of the lift being completed, or a simple PDF format with all the information included.

You can see below how our team created a scaled lift plan for this particular project. By creating this lift plan in advance, we were given all the information we needed to make a successful lift both safely and efficiently. Saving our customers time and money.

3D lift planning and technology are here to stay so contact our team today and find out how McIntyre Crane & Rigging Ltd. can help plan your next project!